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Sometimes, life gets so demanding that even selecting the right garment for an event becomes a hassle. Essia Lifestyle Concierge services make your life easier and allows you to have more time and energy to attend to what really matters. We take care of your to-do list, and you can build goals, connect with family, and live your life better. 

  • Managing your schedule
  • Personal assistant team
  • Home management- repairs etc...
  • Event planning
  • Booking travel accommodation, flights & car rental.
  • Holiday planning
  • Less stress & no overwhelming feeling

  • Our subscriptions are offered globally

  • Simple monthly membership

  • Cancel anytime.

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About the
Essia Lifestyle

The Essia Lifestyle Concierge team is passionate about helping you get the best out of your everyday life. Sometimes, life gets so demanding, we’re here to help make your everyday– as easy and enjoyable as can be.


Home Management

Scheduling Home Maintenance

Scheduling Home Repair Vendors

Source and Research Qualified Local Vendors

Confirm Invoices and Payments

Personal Assistant

Menu Planning

Fitness Accountability—Let’s get you to the gym

Scheduling Appointments


Spa appointments

Beauty appointments

Holiday Planning

Holiday Cards

Holiday Help

Decoration Services

Tree Delivery

Gift Prep

Holiday Photoshoot


Travel Concierge

Make travel arrangements

Prepare travel itinerary

One on One
Live Support
No Hidden Fees


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