Discover Essia's Personal Concierge Services.
Our Story

Essia is defined as a magnetic woman. Once you have come into contact with her, it’s difficult to get rid of her energy or the memory of it. She is simply, unforgettable.  With that in mind, we curated thousands of amazing women-owned beauty, fashion, and bridal brands from around the world to help you discover the magnetic woman in you.

We invite you to discover the magnetic woman in you to live your best life.

We work with brands that spare no effort in creating exquisite works of art that embody timeless elegance and sophistication, ensuring that each piece is a true reflection of commitment to quality.

Our Story

Our Core Values are discovery, craftsmanship, and sustainability.  

Our goal, is to  showcase the best women-owned brands. From well-known, major fashion labels, to as-yet discovered designers with amazing talent.

Our vision, is to reintroduce our customers to their stylish selves - and maybe elevate their style, where needed.  To make it easier to dress with ease, elegance, and finesse.  

Our purpose, is to provide the best shopping experience and customer service possible.

Our Story

We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality collections created by women-owned brands from around the world– offering beautifully crafted pieces with impeccable finishes.

We believe that taking time to slow the mind, relax, unwind and be cared for is not a luxury; in today’s frenzied world, it is a necessity, a vital pillar in looking after your well-being. At the same time it reconnects you to the best version of yourself.  Allowing you to achieve your own personal greatness- no matter what that is.

Living your best life according to your own personal ethos is oh so empowering and magnetic.